Import Fees

Understanding Customs and Import Fees

What are Customs and Import Fees?

Customs and import fees are charges levied by governments on goods entering the country. These fees are imposed to regulate the flow of goods in and out of a country, protect domestic industries, raise revenue, and enforce trade regulations.

Why Are You Charged?

When you purchase products from abroad, they must pass through your country's customs authority, which may impose these fees depending on the type of item, its value, and its origin. These charges are not included in the purchase price of your goods and are typically collected by the shipping provider on behalf of your country's customs authority.

Who Pays These Fees?

The recipient of the shipment is legally required to pay the customs and import fees. As the importer, you are responsible for ensuring that any duties and taxes are paid so the goods can be released from customs.

How Are Fees Calculated?

The calculation of customs and import fees varies by country and specific goods. Generally, they are based on:

  • Value of the Item: Customs duties are often calculated as a percentage of the value of the goods (ad valorem tariffs).
  • Type of Goods: Different rates apply to different types of products. For example, electronics might be taxed differently from clothing.
  • Country of Origin: Goods coming from certain countries may be subject to higher or lower duties based on trade agreements.

Important Points to Note:

  • Estimate Your Costs: We recommend using duty calculators provided by shipping companies or consulting a customs broker to get an estimate of potential charges.
  • Regulations Change: Customs laws and tax rates can change frequently. It's important to stay updated with your country's latest regulations by visiting the official customs website.
  • Non-EU Shipments: For our customers outside the European Union, please be aware that you are more likely to face customs and import fees.

Need More Help?

If you have questions about specific fees or need assistance estimating your potential charges, please contact our support team via our contact form or by email at We're here to help ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth and transparent as possible.