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Scale Bars 100mm I

Scale Bars 100mm I

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Uprade your photogrammetry projects with more accuracy with our scale bars with coded targets, that will help you scale your scans correctly and automate you workflow in RealityCapture, Metashape, 3DF Zephyr and co. 

They are made of 5mm hard foam boards and are super light and durable. The distance between each target is 100mm (10cm). We offer bars with 4 different pairs of targets for multiple use of different bars within one scan. 

List of available scale bars and their targets:
#100-I-01: 100 (1x20:00164) + 110 (1x20:0016e)
#100-I-01: 120 (1x20:00178) + 130 (1x20:00182)
#100-I-01: 140 (1x20:0018c) + 150 (1x20:00196)
#100-I-01: 160 (1x20:001a0) + 170 (1x20:001aa)

Available as single bars or as pack of 4 (save 20%).

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